Information for GPs

The final phase of the INTERACT programme is a multi-centre randomised controlled trial (RCT) to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of an integrated approach to delivering CBT for primary care patients with depression.

We aim to recruit 434 primary care patients with depression, across three recruitment centres (Bristol, York and London). The trial will compare patients receiving integrated CBT (the intervention group) with those receiving usual GP care (the control group). Patients allocated to receive integrated CBT will be offered a course of 9 sessions of individual therapist-led CBT, with (up to) a further 3 sessions if clinically appropriate. Patients allocated to receive usual care will be advised to continue to see their GP for ongoing care, which may include referral to IAPT services or antidepressants if the GP considers this appropriate. There would be no restrictions on usual care provided.

If your practice is interested in finding out more about the INTERACT study, please contact your local research team.